vierte generation singular perfekt




fourth generation singular perfect


My great-grandfather Otto Lemcke worked as a „Siedlungsberater“ from 1943 – 45 in Resen,

which is called Rzezecin today, a little village in Poland not far from Gdansk.

My grandfather Enoch rode to school in Resen in the mornings on a horse,

while the familiy‘s servant guarded him and the horse.

In 2012 I drink coffee with a man whose family had owned the horse my grandfather still

remembers before they had to leave it to this German settlers.

Fourth generation singular perfect is an experimental documentary, that tries to unveil

the silence that‘s covering the past of a German family in the Nationalsocialist time.

By looking at the landscape, talking with people on location and re-reading the newly told

memories of my grandfather, I try to understand who my great-grandfather was and which

role he played in the political landscape at the time. On the way I reflect the enormous gap

between personal/family memory and history.

Experimental Documentary/Essay 2013, HD, Dolby Stereo, 16:9, 40 min,

German (dialect) and Polish with German subtitles




with: Enoch Lemcke

Camera: Ginan Seidl

Sound: Claus Störmer

Concept/Realisation/Director/Montage: Kathrin Lemcke

Advisor: Merle Kröger, Michaela Schweiger